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My google ‘my maps’ final artefact.



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For this module ‘Interactive media production’ my task was to individually produce a piece that reflects in some way a journey or route whether that be physical or emotional, it also had to be something that you were passionate about and evoke a feeling from the viewer. Being Interactive Media it is important that this journey/route had to have interactive elements to it. 

I struggled at first to imagine what my final piece would look like, how people would be able to interact with it and i had no idea what to base it on. I tried thinking of curtain routes in my home town that might mean something to me, like where me and my mum used to walk on the way to my first school, or how i get from my house in Coventry to university. I then tried to think of my hobbies that might make me see the world in a curtain way, for example if you are a skateboarder you’ll see the world as a skate park and always look for things to skate on which would be interesting to show along  a route. I wasn’t very passionate about any of these ideas and couldn’t think of any hobbies that would reflect well in an interactive piece. I then thought about how I am a new addition to the roads of britain having recently brought a car.

Driving I feel is the hardest thing I’ve had to learn, it took me three times to pass so I was so happy when I finally did, but unfortunately I wasnt able to get a car straight away as I didn’t have the money and I was starting university soon. During the summer I managed to saved up enough money to buy myself a little car, I said to myself that I’d try to drive to as many places as possible as I didn’t want to turn into my mum, she can’t drive anywhere outside of our home town as she is to much of a nervous driver to go on the motor ways or anywhere where she is unfamiliar. So for my piece I thought I’d go on a physical journey, a road trip to Cardiff.

I chose represent my road trip using the interactive software ‘my maps’ which is a free software available when you sign up for a google account. On this road trip i wanted to evoke a curtain feeling to the audience. I wanted to give a sense of a care free attitude and show a fun and happy atmosphere between a group of friends. me and three friends went on the trip to film the journey and what we got up to whilst there. creating something like this I couldn’t plan to much as really you just need to see what happens along the way. we filmed on handy cams as I wanted to make the footage look rather armature like when you go on a family holiday and your dad has to make a video.
viewers can access my representation of my road trip to Cardiff via google maps, I have made my map public. I hope that people will look at my route and see that we have fun along the way and Cardiff is a nice place to explore.
overall I have enjoyed this module and I have gained knowledge in multiple new interactive softwares which I never know about before, I have learnt that you can create a story not just in a linear way but there is a number of ways to tell a story, through images, experimental film and even through data. i am pleased with my piece and feel it does what I wanted it to do.

Final Cut Pro

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Throughout the first year of university i learnt how to use the editing software Avid quite well and used it to produce all my videos. This year the university have put Final Cut pro onto the apple macs in the basement so i have been able to have a go at using a different editing package.

When i did some work experience at the Chelsea Flower Show 2009 i was lucky to be able to go and see the place where they did the editing, which was in a rather posh flat not far from the Chelsea Royal Gardens. They used Avid to produce the DVD they were making, but now Avid is slowly being replaced by Final Cut because Avid is a lot more expensive and Final Cut can do most of the stuff Avid can plus its easier to use.

I made one of my videos on Final Cut to gain some skills on how to use it. I produced a slide show of images with a sound track on top, it shows my night out in Cardiff and i feel it evokes a sense of fun and the clubbing scene as i made the images move from one to another quite fast and repeated the sequence three times. As the images are moving fast the viewer can record them in their mind and have a clearer look when they are repeated.

SketchUp – unsuccessful

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Previously in my blog you can see i’ve done some work on SketchUp creating a nightclub that viewers can walk around in to get an idea of what the nightclub was like but unfortunately it has been difficult to make a film of my building using cam studio. I managed to make a media file after being unsuccessful many time but when uploading it to FinalCut the file wouldnt play, so i went back and tried again but this crashed my laptop on three attempts so i decided to not involve SketchUp in my piece.

Success in 99% failure as Steve Dawkins say’s i will work around this problem and my piece will come out stronger.


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Throughout this module the aim is to create an interactive way of storytelling. I decided to base mine on a road trip that me and my friends went on to Cardiff. I have now made all the elements of my story. I have two moving image videos and one still image slide show video. I also have information and website from the places we visited whilst in Cardiff. Now i need to put it all together to form interactivity. I have decided to do mine on my maps created by google but i have just stumbled upon a fun website that produces interactive storytelling called Stroytron that i’m going to have a look at and maybe get some inspiration.

Computer game design veteran Chris Crawford has teamed with science fiction writer Laura J. Mixon to found Storytron, a company devoted to the creation and publication of works of interactive storytelling. Storyworlds are a new form of computer entertainment developed by Storytron, Inc. Using our free authoring tool, SWAT, creative individuals with a story to tell can script their own sets of Actors, Stages, Props, and a web of potential interactions known as Verbs. Players seeking a unique new form of computer entertainment can play those storyworlds, engage with the Actors, and explore a wide range of choices and behavior in the dramatically rich environment developed by the author of that world. 

I had a look through the website and had a go, i went on a story and clicked play then on one side of the screen it says what happened and on the other side you get to decided what to do next to develop the story. I found this way of interaction fun. I have been also looking at interaction with data that tells a story but i find Storytron more exciting as there are characters and toy like language.

Seeing Storytron i have decided to make my piece very colourful and use playful language and this would fit really well with my theme of a road trip. The actual road trip was fun and joyful so i would like to evoke that.

Video – On the road

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This is another video that i have created to add to my google map. Its footage from on the road during the journey to Cardiff, it is meant to reflect a friendly and happy atmosphere. A group of girls on a road trip, its a funny video that on interaction i feel viewers will laugh and enjoy, giving a positive attitude to road tripping.

The importance of free software

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During this module i have been introduced to many different types of free software that i have realised can be used as a way in which people could become a community in sharing their data and knowledge online. There are many types of softwares out there that are used to visualise data in a clear way that people can relate to and visually see.

A website i have become aware of is ‘MapTube’ which i found rather interesting. on the website home page it says..

‘MapTube is a free resource for viewing, sharing, mixing and mashing maps online. Created by UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, users can select any number of maps to overlay and view.’

click here to visit MapTube

There are a lot of maps showing all kinds of data, it’s really interesting to look through and see what some people have found. I found the mcdondals prices map particularly insightful.